Young Dreams EP

by Melancholy

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early 90's woodstock, ny grunge alternative rock band
Pat Howland - drums (RIP)
Jesse Cunningham (bass)
Mr. Chris Holseapple - guitar
Morgan Y. Evans - Vocals

fed on steady diet of pearl jam, jesus lizard , firehose, primus, black sabbath, Nirvana, metallica and public enemy, we had a lot of fun.


released April 16, 2015

Artwork by Amy Ackerman



all rights reserved


Melancholy Woodstock, New York

early 90's woodstock ny alternative rock/grunge band

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Track Name: Congressman
I'm surrounded by fools/not to say that I'm not one/I just will readilly admit it/while most other people can't see the fun we can so
(AHHH) congressman like to fuck

As the man speaks he knows he never wanted to be a tired artform so he just talks and stares and talks and stares and you can't walk right through him...DEAD!
We would walk around the town walking sick around the place washing out each others mouths both of us stinkin' undercover

I used to hang with him when he was alive but he's dead now

i used to hang with him when he was a genuine living specimen

used to see him around way back when.
Track Name: Praise Magnet
Flock to me, come to me.
I am your praise magnet. I won't do much to let you know me.
I let you think your world is rosy...

take my sighing as praise/your superficial ways wont go un-noticed by me/no matter what you think

Praise Magnet

My cause is really mine/not martyred yet understood
You think it's something else entirely/i knew you would

I knew you would

keep my privacy to myself/it's always easier to breathe/i will try to be my own/don't steal my impartiality from me.

Praise Magnet

No matter how beautiful the view, the world is over populated
No matter how beautiful the view, the world is under-educated.

Praise Magnet

I'm coming to warn you
I can't stop myself from this attraction

Praise Magnet

You're never gonna be more than this unless you try hard and insist
Track Name: Nobody
he's really glad he's not being tested/she wants me to be good and directed/they hide away the facts that they never understood but questioned

how do i look/i can be heartless now/popularity/hahahahaha
how do i look/what's goin on now/how should i be/help me to see...

i'm a way off base boy/how are plastic things with you?/i hope life is treating you scared, just like...everyone!

looks like one got away/maybe you were bring an ugly thing/melting down her diamond rings
blowing smoke my fucking brains

nobody nobody
nobody at all
put yourslef on a pedestal
think that you deserve a higher standard than anybody else just because yu've got an ego
but you're not anything more than you make yourslef
and you make yourself disgusting

Track Name: Animated
You didn't leave your house for years because you felt so frustrated
You didn't allow your thoughts to come in if they were gonna tell you what you didn't want to hear...
Track Name: Cartoon Bomb/Bong (listener's preference)
Back here I've never been here/except for the time I was someplace else
And I really want to travel but the view chanegs and the rest's the same

Capitol hill needs an ant-eater please
50x a politicians weight in red tape
here comes the enlightening news
time to put on my fuckin' game face

All the sharks selling the biggest fin/world of eath for dividends
most of the time we smuggle in anything worth keeping

How can I pretend I was the first/i guess I can
I forgot the point is this and that now isn't then
and I should be glad to have a friend

Blow the rest up/i don't need it
use a cartoin bomb so it can heal at my discretion
trademarked but copied wrong
Track Name: Tadpole
I am living twisted dreams not twisted by any means/someone wants to talk to me/don't demean my ruined day


Tadpole, Hey

Throw me to your god's and devils/misconceptions you believe/the only way we'll get along is if i shut up and sit down

Shut up!

Shut up!

So afraid of your mongolisms/can't be normal must be wrong.

It's what I wanted all ALONG!!! Yeah!

Track Name: Many
Everybody smells like plastic except for me
Swollen flowers that have fallen from the trees/with your morning glory seeds

Everyone is blind to the thorns that cut their eyes
Maybe they should all go open up their minds

Many Many Many is not enough

Everyone is running towards being scared
put that out of your mind
Everyone is everybody elses nightmare, woah no

Everyone is blind to the inclinations they behave
Maybe they should all just open up their veins

Many is not enough

I am not just a bastard son. I am more than one.